Sabbaday Falls

Sabbaday_smWe first discovered Sabbaday Falls in August 2015 on some rare “downtime” from setting up the condo.

The parking area is located along the Kancamagus Highway, which we have driven up and down several times in the winter, but never noticed as the entrance has been blocked with snow.  So, on this occasion, it was fully accessible!

From the parking area, it is a 0.3 mile walk on a mild incline, so trainers / sneakers are fine; walking boots are definitely optional!  There are steps from the bottom of the falls up to see the top and there is also an accessible sloped option.  Along the way, you see several varieties of mushroom that it’s fun to name, even if you don’t particularly like them to eat!

Sabbaday_smWhen we went back in the winter of 2016 (now knowing where the parking area was!), the steps were closed due to ice making them slippery and dangerous but we still got some good photos!  There are no mushrooms to see at this time of year though.



Our most recent visit was in April 2016 🙂



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