Four seasons in one (holi)day

The city of Melbourne, Australia is famous for its “four seasons in one day” weather patterns.  However, in April 2016 we experienced weather from all four seasons over a 2-week period in Conway, New Hampshire!

springSpring flowers
The expected mild temperatures and rain showers (although thankfully few) allowed us to comfortably experience several of the area’s walking trails, flora and fauna.


Some very warm “bluebird” days allowed us to enjoy local lakes, rivers and of course, the sunshine!

Autumn (Fall)leaves-sm
There were still signs of this season, despite technically being long gone!  For wannabe leaf-peepers, the White Mountains region is one of the best places to see New England in the Fall; late September to early October most years.

On 26th April, we were thrilled and surprised to have a snow day!  Approx 4 inches accumulated during the morning, allowing us to pretend we had found Narnia.
snow1-sm  snow2-sm  snow3-sm

A walk thru the woods

If you’ve never heard of the Appalachian Trail, you probably firstly have no idea how to pronounce it!  You wouldn’t be alone!  According to websites, if you are from the Northern part of the trail, you say “A-puh-lay-chuhn” and if you are from the Southern part, you say “A-puh-latch-uhn”.  What you mustn’t say is “Ap-uh-lay-shun” as you will be ‘perceived as an outsider who doesn’t know what they are talking about’!

Secondly, you may not know where or what it is!
The Appalachian Trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, ranging from Maine to Georgia.  It is 2190 miles long, traverses 14 states and has lots of (literal) highs and lows.

Appalachian1Our tiny tasters of the trail in April 2016 were in Crawford Notch State Park in New Hampshire (Ethan Pond) and Grafton Notch State Park in Maine (Table Rock)

For more information, see the trail website or for a comical slant on hiking the trail, see the 2015 movie “A walk in the woods” or read the 1998 book with the same title by Bill Bryson.